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Last Updated: 7 Jan 2016
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A variety of seminars and training courses are scheduled at WSA throughout the year. Clinics for each of the major disciplines such as Highpower and Service Rifle competition, Junior Rifle and Pistol, Trap, Archery, ammo reloading techniques, and hunter education and courses to become a certified instructor are provided for the individual to help improve his or her skills or to help a new shooter break into a new sport. Watch our newsletter or Association calendar for these upcoming events.

Firearms Safety Course   Email the chairman
Periodically, throughout the year, WSA hosts a Firearms Safety Course. It is open to all adults and the fee is nominal. This presents a good opportunity for new shooters to become familiar with firearms handling. This state certified course also fulfills the Massachusetts firearms training licensing requirement for a Class A LTC permit. Select the link for further details, registration and scheduling information.

NRA Certified Firearms Instructor
Massachusetts Certified Basic Firearms Safety Instructor

Basic Hunter Ed   Bill Westaway

This course must be at least 12 hours in length but is typically 15-16 hours in length and is usually scheduled over five or six weekday evenings. Occasionally courses are conducted on weekends. Information is supplied on the safe handling and storage of hunting arms and ammunition, hunting laws and ethics, wildlife identification, wildlife management, care and handling of game, basic survival skills and first aid. Upon successful completion of this course, all students will receive a graduate patch and a MA Certificate of Completion. All US states, Canada and Mexico recognize this government-issued certificate of completion for the purchase of a hunting or sporting license.

NOTE: A state Firearm Identification Card, License to Carry Firearms, or hunting license is not required to take this course.

Successful completion of this course fulfills the requirements established by Mass General Law to make application with your local police for a License to Carry Firearms, or Firearms Identification Card. [Massachusetts General Law Chapter 140 Section 131 P(a)].

Must Pre-Register through MassWildlife @ (508) 792-7434

Bow Hunter Education
MA offers the Bowhunter Education curriculum developed by the National Bowhunter Education Foundation which is accepted in other jurisdictions mandating the successful completion of a bowhunter education course. Courses are a minimum of 8 hours of instruction and are designed for both the experienced and novice hunter. Course topics include the selection of equipment, safety, ethics, bowhunting methods, and care and handling of game. Students may bring their archery equipment to class to obtain advice on its use and care. Most are one-day weekend courses.

Must Pre-Register through MassWildlife @ (508) 792-7434

Upcoming Education Events at WSA

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